out of the unknown | amplified punks hair funked
qt05, cd(r), 39:48 min., cardboard-cover, 50 copies

out of the unknown: norimasa arita + yoshihiro kikuchi.
1. hammered metal in crap disco is singin'   2. ornette plays metal music on crashed computer
hiroki sasajima | renz
qt04, cd(r), 42:54 min., cardboard-cover, 50 copies

recorded, edited and mixed by hiroki sasajima, 2009.
1. part 1   2. part 2   3. part 3   4. part 4

sascha muhr | wandering:trapped
qt03, cd(r), 42:54 min., cardboard-cover, 50 copies

composed, recorded, edited and performed on guitar by sascha muhr, 2009.
1.trap   2.spine   3.pouring   4.couché   5.aswoon   6.xenochrony   7.waft   8.rougeoyer   9.dismember
the pad
qt02, cd, 58:21 min., cardboard-cover, 300 copies

produced, written, arranged and performed by the pad. mastering by cookie marenco/otr studios.
1.take it away   2.the pad   3.hanging upside down on a train   4.twinkle   5.prelude   6.beautiful delusion   7.babycakes
8.all i want is you   9.welcome to my world
terje paulsen | septober
qt01, cd(r), 70:20 min., cardboard-cover, 100 copies

recorded and performed by terje paulsen, kristiansand, norway, 2007/2008.
1.intersection 1   2.three strings   3.oh no vember   4.metal 2   5.version 10   6.reversed angel   7.intersection 2   8.nightbeat
homework | monoply
hw02, 2cd(r), 120:00 min., cardboard-cover, 100 copies

played, recorded and mixed by homework, june to august 2006. additional clarinets: k.fritz. mastering: m.heilrath, bereich03.
<3> 60:00    <2> 27:00    <4> 12:00    <5> 21:00